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Reactant is a reactive architecture for iOS

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Boost Your Development

Empower your applications with Reactant and reduce your development costs.


Don't repeat yourself.
Have reusable components with clear inputs.


Test each part of your app independently and then intergrate them together.


Each component has a single point of mutation reducing the number of bugs.

Reactant UI - Live Reload

Reactant Core

Reactant Core is an application architecture and framework enabling you to write easily reusable, testable, and safe code. This is achieved by splitting the app to separate parts - Model, View, Controller, Wireframe and Service, all of them in compliance with the single responsibility principle. The Reactant framework brings abstractions for all of these parts of architecture.

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Reactant UI (preview)

Reactant UI is an extension for Reactant allowing you to declare views and layout using XML. Don't worry, there's no runtime overhead, as all those declarations are precompiled into Swift. Reactant UI even supports Live Reload that shows your changes right away in the simulator.

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Reactant CLI (preview)

Staring a new project has never been easier. Reactant CLI generates an Xcode project with Reactant architecture and all the required dependencies in a single command.

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